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Mustang Boss 302 Drag Pack Registry

* Registry last Updated: October 20th, 2006

The Mustang Boss 302 Registry is Currently being updated by our good friend Jimbo Buster Brown

Is this Boss 302 Mustang a Drag Pack ?

Boss 302 Drag Pack

Yes it is !

"Drag Pack" was Never the marketing term used by Ford for this option package, back when they were building the Boss 302 Mustangs.  The "Drag Pack" option consisted of a factory mounted oil cooler that came on the outside of the radiator on some Boss Mustangs that were ordered with the 4.30 gears. With the oil cooler present in virtually all of Ford's Drag Pack cars, it naturally follows that a BOSS 302 Mustang so equipped from the factory is commonly referred to as having a "Drag Pack".

Boss 302 Drag Pack Oil Cooler
In the early 1970 model year Ford installed their drag pack oil coolers on the assembly line, without charge on some BOSS 302 Mustangs when 4.30 gears were ordered, and a very few (two known) with 3.91 gears (it must have been a Monday morning after a long weekend.) 

According to Kevin Marti of Marti Autoworks http://www.martiauto.com/ and his information from Ford, the 300B engine code was present on all BOSS 302 Mustangs when ordered with the optional W code 4.30 rear axle. Therefore, at this time it is no longer valid to use "300B" as proof of the factory installed oil cooler - as not all W code 4.30's received the oil cooler.

Similar to the BOSS 302 Mustang's complimentary Drag Pack, Ford was giving away their Super Cobra Jet engine on 428CJ Mustangs (prior to February 1969). Order the right gears and the extra goodies were included for free! In each case, the words "Drag Pack" and "Super Cobra Jet" were no where to be found on an invoice or build sheet. Yet the never marketed term remains for both!

Mustang Boss 302

More Proof for a Drag Pack

Donald Farr's book titled "BOSS 302 Ford's Trans-Am Pony Car" is considered to be the bible of Boss 302 Mustangs. On page 78 of his book, Donald Farr says, "One engine performance option remained a mystery since Ford failed to publish any information about its availability, although many cars were so equipped. The engine oil cooler, a known Drag Pack option for the 428 Cobra Jet, was frequently found on Boss 302 Mustangs although listed as not available for the Boss 302 in Ford literature. However, it appears that many Boss 302s were factory equipped with a Drag Pack option."

Also, the Boss 302 Registry Y2K Edition states the following in their footnotes:

DEARBORN: #23, "Drag Pak car - Has/had engine oil cooler, 300-B engine tag and 'W' axle code."

METUCHEN: #29, "Drag-Pak car. Has/had engine oil cooler, 300-B engine tag & 'W' axle code."

>>> Decode your mustang now to see if you have a drag pack.

If you own one of these rare BOSS 302 Mustangs (fewer than 100 noted in the registry), your information is valuable in helping us establish history, identify patterns, and answer some of the remaining questions related to factory drag pack oil cooler equipped BOSS 302 Mustangs. Thank you for your help!

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**In a post from 70bossman, the following is stated: To cloud the issue of oil coolers even more he (70bossman's neighbor) vividly remembers the dealer asking him to check the "drag pack" option off of the dealers order sheet, yes we both realize you all have to take our word for it, but he was there ordering his car and I can only assume the dealer had some sort of generic order form that he was using.

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